A CRM Built Specifically for Vector Reps

A Simple-to-use Database & Email Platform to Help You Grow Your Sales

About This System

The VastAction CRM is the outcome of Vast Action Inc.'s leaders - who have been with Vector for more than a decade and a group of top CSPs across the nation. The group discussed ideas, features and rep needs. Then this system was built and made available to you. Vast Action's Marketing Manager Amiee Mueller directly consults with users, adding value and support and assisted with pre-written and pre-designed marketing pieces.

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Order Tracking and Data Feeds directly from VectorConnect

The VastAction CRM makes it easy for you to track your customer's order history. You even have the option to transfer data straight from your VectorConnect to your CRM if you'd rather not enter it manually. The system also calculates lifetime CPO and orders for targeted marketing, service calls, and account management. All of this is done using a pre-loaded price list and CPO values from Olean.

Emails, Templates, and Drip Campaigns

Use Olean-approved pre-loaded images of products for use in your own email designs with the click of a button. Available for purchase are professionally-written and designed drip campaigns created by top realtor reps as well as residential client emails. Of course, there is no extra charge for creating your own drip campaigns or email templates. After sending your email, see which clients clicked on which links in your email stats area.

Activity tracking and Call-Back Reminders

Record notes on every interaction, have task reminders sent to your email, and even share your task list with your assistant. Set reminders for future call-backs so you never miss an opportunity

Built on Premier CRM Technology

The VastAction CRM is built on the ProtoCRM platform, the same underlying technology that powers the award-winning CRM called AddressTwo. By tailoring this CRM specifically for the needs of Vector reps, we have created a powerful selling tool for Vector CSP's and Cutco Closing Gift specialists.

Watch Tutorial Videos

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This highly-customized and tailored CRM is available for a one-time $100 sign-up fee and a low monthly fee starting at just $19.95 per month.

Users Emails/Mo. Sign-up
1 Rep, no assistants 0 $100 $19.95
1 Rep + 1 Assistant 1,000 $100 $55.95
1 Rep + 2 Assistants 5,000 $100 $69.95
1 Rep + 4 Assistants 15,000 $100 $109.95
1 Rep + 6 Assistants 50,000 $100 $169.95
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